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Observers have long sung the praises of low-power, wide-field views of the heavens. But that's misleading. Wide-field views are spectacular, but "low-power" got there because years ago only low-power eyepieces could show a wide field. In reality, higher magnification always provides a darker sky background, shows fainter stars, and delivers better resolution. Experienced observers usually select the highest magnification eyepiece that still has enough field of view to encompass their target. Enter Tele Vue's 13-mm Ethos, the first astronomical eyepiece with 100° apparent field of view. For a given magnification, it shows 50% more sky than the previous widest-field oculars. You can read all the details of this remarkable eyepiece in our review in last October's issue, page 41.
—Sky & Telescope, January 2008, p. 38
Cloudy Nights: Readers Choice – 2007

Back in December, we asked you – our 20k+ readers and forum members – what you thought were the most innovative, interesting, and all around best pieces of new equipment for 2007.

Here's number one – and by a landslide:

Tele Vue Ethos

If you haven’t heard of Tele Vue's Ethos, you've been hiding under some fairly large rocks for the last nine months. This new 13mm eyepiece by Tele Vue sports a triple digit (100°) apparent field of view, as well as an amazingly flat and well corrected field. Frankly, it's one of the few pieces of gear that has actually lived up to the hype. While 100° is “only” 18° more in diameter [than the Nagler series], there is nearly a 50% increase in area. This truly takes immersion to the next level. Whoda thunk anyone could make an 82° AFOV seem, well – straw like? But hey, don't take our word for it. Check one out at your next star party. There's nothing like seeing for yourself.

Kudos to Tele Vue!
—Cloudy Nights, January 2008

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